“Margaret’s Ayurvedic skills as an Abhyanga and Shirodhara technician are outstanding. Her compassionate touch and intuitive wisdom shine forth throughout my treatments. Afterwards, my nervous system is relaxed. I feel clearheaded, calm and centered, returning me to the me I know so well.”

Julie from Cape Ann

“Happiness is a hot stone massage with Margaret. From my very first session, I noticed an improvement in my many aging body parts. What surprised me most was how well I slept at night and how energized I was the next morning. I highly recommend Margaret; I just wish I had discovered her sooner.”

Ann from S. Carolina

“Margaret is a true healer. As a trauma survivor, I am cautious about who I trust to do any kind of bodywork on me. With Margaret, I know I can relax and enjoy my session because I am in capable hands. Her gentle spirit, kind heart, and tender compassion always put me at ease. She is highly skilled in a variety of modalities, so it is easy to get exactly what I need. Whether it is targeted massage for my always sore neck, the deeply relaxing experience of Abhyanga massage, the energetic lightening of Polarity, or the surprisingly soothing eye bath. Each session soothes, relaxes and restores my body, mind and spirit.”

H. from the North Shore


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